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Crestron Modules

New Twitter Module!

PAAI has finally finished the design and testing of the very first commercially available Crestron Twitter module. Enable your Crestron processor to send status tweets or even receive commands from twitter.

It also enables the ability for the Crestron system owner to send and receive tweets from their touch panels. What a great way to enable the home owner to be able to continue their twittering while at home watching the game..

The Twitter  SIMPL+ module is very simple to implement in the Crestron program. Above is a snapshot of the module in the demo program that comes with the module. With less than 15 joins and nothing to get in the way of your programming you can easily make your Crestron project Twitter connected.

The module is designed only for Series 2 processors with Ethernet. This module uses very little processing power, runs great even in the small processors like the QM-RMC and even in a very overloaded Adagio system.

Not recommended for Crestron Systembuilder yet. Version 1.5 will be Systembuilder aware and compatible.



Contact us by clicking on the Contact us link at the top for pricing on this versatle module for your crestron integration projects.




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